Entertainments is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of activities that either holds an interest and/or holds an audience’s interest. It can either be a physical activity or an activity undertaken for the entertainment of others, but has probably been more of the latter in the past. Entertaining oneself, one generally means entertaining oneself through one’s art or action. The word ‘entertainment’ was first used in 1490 by Jan Mollem, and the idea has taken shape in many different forms throughout the years. In the modern period, entertainment has often been interpreted to mean the creation of literature, dramatic presentation, music, etc. While these pursuits may in some ways be seen as entertainment in their own right, the term is most often used to describe any event or activity intended for entertainment and/or amusement, which tend to leave out the more refined category of activities such as the theatrical, the academic, and more contemporary forms of social and artistic performance.

Entertainments in the modern era can take on various forms. These can include such developments as stage shows, musicals, movies, dance, operas, dramatic presentations, and even video games. One type of entertainment that is rather new on the scene however, is that of Internet related entertainment. Entertainments of this type tend to fall under the broader heading of Web-based entertainment, and there are a number of different Web-based sectors that provide entertainment of this nature.

Video games, in particular, are one type of entertainments that can give people an addiction. People who play video games find themselves engrossed in them for periods of time, sometimes for days. Such people may then spend considerable amounts of money on entertainment that requires them to continuously repeat some of the same content they started out with. This type of entertainment usually does not require viewers to interact with one another; it is more like a solitary act. It can therefore be seen as a type of solitary vocation, although there is certainly an element of social aspects involved as well.

Another type of entertainment is cinema. The vast majority of people who attend a movie theatre do so for the entertainment value of the experience. It is this very aspect that often makes people abandon their expectations of the film industry as a serious workplace. People will go to a film just for the sheer experience of watching a good film, whether or not they have any idea of how its maker might have achieved the effect they see. Of course, this type of entertainment also presents a number of opportunities for people to interact, both directly and indirectly. Direct interaction can be a great help in breaking down the isolation of a film.

Theatre has always been popular among many generations of people, both as an actual physical production and also as an act. Theatre troupes often set up stages, where the actors and dancers perform their pieces before a live audience. These performances may be performed in front of an actual audience – or they may be part of a performance piece as part of a professional theatre tour. However, most people associate theatre with a physical production – and while this is still very true for most, the industry is now much more globalised. You may find that an artist on stage somewhere in New York City may be working with actors and dancers from Russia and Poland, while an artist performing in a back room of some studio in LA could only be speaking via email.

If you are considering a career in the Entertainment field, you may already be aware that this is an exceptionally flexible and adaptable type of work. Unlike other careers, where one size fits all, Entertainers’ opportunities are almost limitless. Depending on what type of Entertainer you want to be, you will need to consider your interests and the skills and talents you possess to determine how best to develop your talents. For instance, if you are interested in acting, perhaps you would be very suited to a part in a drama or stage play. Alternatively, if you are interested in the visual arts, working as an artist or designer may allow you to explore the opportunities that are available to you.

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