Wife to Shaun & Mom to 2 wonderful children.  Matthew, our eldest child was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 11. We have a younger daughter, Kimberley.  A dog and a hamster complete the family. I’m a  British expat living in Cypress, Texas. This is our journey through Type 1 Diabetes


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  1. Hi there.

    I am a specialist in Intensive Care Medicine in Australia.

    Part of my job is to teach medical students and junior doctors.

    Obviously it is vital that junior staff understand the problems that people with type 1 diabetes can face- and, in my speciality, that includes recognising and managing diabetic ketoacidosis.

    I am in the process of writing a lecture on the management of DKA, and wonder how you would feel if I used the photo you have of Michael, obviously unwell and on multiple iv’s to illustrate this?

    I was not going to use his name, or show his face- but rather, I want to be able give the students a picture to hang their memories on, to put what I am teaching them into the real world so they can start to grasp the significance of what they need to understand. And in time, hopefully, they will be able to use this to help families such as yours.

    I think your photo puts a very human understanding and realisation into the ‘dry science’ of the pathophysiology and complexity of what I am trying to teach.

    Please would it be ok for me to use your picture, and your personal experience, in my teaching? (I would also be happy to share with you my presentation should you wish it).

    I look forward to hearing for you, and wish you and your family well.

    (Dr) Rachel Heap

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