The main cause of gray hair is a lack of the essential nutrients, particularly vitamin A and B group vitamins, including the minerals copper, iron and zinc. Also, gray hair occurs naturally with age.
First, you should stay away from all chemical shampoos, hair coloring and dyes you can find in the stores. These products damage your hair and scalp because of the toxic poisons they include. Try to buy and use completely natural shampoos and conditioners.
If you want to remove your gray hair, there is no need to look for cosmetic products and spend a fortune on them. Not only you hope for the needed result, but also those products won’t help you.
You can get the desired results by using natural ingredients, and sometimes you need only one of them. We are going to present you a highly helpful remedy that consists only of one ingredient that you already have in your kitchen.
The needed ingredient is a cup of potato peel.
The starch in potato peels works as a natural colorant that aids you slowly cover gray hairs over within weeks or months.
How to prepare the remedy?
Pour 2 cups of water over the potato peels and cook it for 5 minutes. After it cools down, strain the liquid once it turns yellow.
How to use the remedy?
Use a shampoo to wash your hair, as normal. Then, apply the potato mixture on your hair and wrap your hair with a towel. Keep the towel for some time.
The potato mixture will make your hair darker.
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