Here is Why You Keep Getting a Pimple in the SAME Exact Spot and How to Stop It for Good

Do you know where your next zit is going to be? Fortunately, there are some steps you can take and end the stubborn, frustrating pimples.
Those Pimples Might Be Cysts
Cystic acnes are underground pimples that swell up. Usually they show up on the same exact spot and form when your pore expands and causes oil come to the skin surface. Then, the oil develops a “balloon-like” shape under the skin and inflates and deflates, depending on your oil production.
The sad news is that these kinds of cysts cannot be removed on your own. You need to see a dermatologist and have it removed.
Here is Why You Keep Getting a Pimple in the SAME Exact Spot and How to Stop It for Good
Popping a whitehead might have an negative effect
Pimple can become inflamed again if you do not remove the entire blockage when squeezing a whitehead. The irritation can cause forming of another pimple next to the previous one.
You can remove excess oil and keep your pores clear by using a salicylic acid treatment. Also, you can use a spot treatment or product that contains benzoyl peroxide to eliminate bacteria in the skin and causes acne.
Your dirty habits can lead to acnes
Do you often put your hands all over your face when stressed out or reading emails? Repeatedly touching your face in the same area can push dirt and oil into the pores and cause pimples.
Try to keep your hands off your face and start using salicylic acid-based products to keep your face clean. Also you can use benzoyl peroxide treatments to eliminate bacteria.
Period zits are not a myth
During the menstrual period, many women get acnes in the lower one-third of their face, or from the nose down. The oil glands in this part of the face are more sensitive to hormones. Also, acnes in the neck or forehead during this time of the month are possible, too.
The week before your period use a salicylic acid cleanser in order to remove excess oil and clean your pores when hormones get crazy.
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