Reverse Grey Hair and Return Your Natural Color with Wheatgrass

We all fear of grey hair. Usually, genetic genes and stress are the reasons for premature graying. But, scientists say in most cases catalase enzymes are the cause why our hair turns grey. As we grow older, we produce less catalase enzyme, which can result in faster aging.
The process of grey hair starts when the enzyme catalase levels are reducing. The deficiency of these enzymes means that the hydrogen peroxide, which naturally occurs in hair, cannot be broken down. That means that hydrogen peroxide expands in the hair, turning it grey.
Wheatgrass juice
You Should Use Wheatgrass to Reverse Grey Hair
Considerable amounts of catalase and other beneficial antioxidants can be found in wheatgrass. It has power to reverse grey hair and slow the whole aging process. Wheatgrass helps the rejuvenating of cells, thus delaying the aging process.
Wheatgrass is an amazing food because it is full with amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll, nutrients and live enzymes. The molecular structure of the wheatgrass and our blood are very alike which allows our bodies to take in these nutrients immediately.
Moreover, wheatgrass has potent cleansing and detoxifying properties. Its rich protein content boosts your energy level and cures many types of blood disorders. The 19 amino acids and 92 minerals present in the wheatgrass allow the body to function at its highest levels.
How to Use Wheatgrass to Reverse Grey Hair
People who consume wheatgrass regularly can turn their grey hair back to its natural color. You will accomplish that by drinking one glass of wheatgrass juice every day. Also, you can add wheatgrass powder in your food of smoothies.
Wheatgrass Hair Conditioner
– Cut the green leaves of a fresh wheatgrass into tiny pieces and put them into a juicer.
– Wash your hair and apply some wheatgrass juice on the scalp of your head.
– Leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse hair thoroughly.

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