She Applies Two Small Pieces of Banana Peel Under Her Eyes. Then Minutes Later, Something Wonderful Happens!

You can use banana skins for different health and beauty benefits. I am sure you all eat the banana and throw away its skin. But you don’t know that banana skin is the most nutritious part of the fruit, so it seems a total shame throwing it out.
Here’s a list of the most frequent uses of banana peels:
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Cut pieces of the banana skin and then get a plaster or a tape. Place the outside of the peel onto the mask. Next, place it directly on your wart. Leave it overnight and make a new one every night for about a week. Your wart will be significantly reduced or even gone.
You can also apply this method to treat a splinter or anything stuck into your skin. Just tape the piece of the banana skin around the area and it will help to suck the splinter out of the skin and be stuck onto the banana peel after leaving it overnight.
Teeth Whitener
All you need to do is chop off a small piece of banana and then just rub the inside of the peel onto your teeth for about a minute. It will take off the stains and you can do this a couple times per week. You will notice a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.
Itchy Bite / Acne Remedy
Banana skin is a highly anti-inflammatory. So, if you have an itchy bite or inflamed and rashy skin, or pimples and acne, you can take a piece of a banana skin and rub it over the problematic area or hold it onto the area. You will see that the inflammation has reduced
Skin Care
Chop a banana skin and put the pieces in a blender. Then, add a cup of coconut milk and make a smoothie out of these ingredients to apply it onto your face.
This is a banana skin face mask and it is really high in antioxidants, it is anti-inflammatory, high in nutrients and because of all of this it is really good for your skin.
Another thing you can do is cut two small pieces of the banana peel and apply them on the area under your eyes. This will help you rejuvenate this area and will make your skin softer.
Healthy Nutrition
The last thing you can do with banana skins is eat them. You can slice them and put them in stir-fries or cut bananas in half and sprinkle some cinnamon or dark chocolate over the top and put them in the oven on 190 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You will have nicely roasted bananas which you can eat whole.
And of course, you can eat banana skin the way it is. Just make sure you wash it well before consuming it.
It is so good to get all those nutrients into your body. If you eat the whole banana, including the skin, you will double the nutritional value out of it.

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