Vaseline on the Face: Treating Wrinkles Like a Pro

When talking about the world of beauty, Vaseline just like Bio-Oil is a point of contention. There is the view that Vaseline when applied to the face, has the ability to clog pores leading to styes infection. Then comes the advice, “Do not use Vaseline”!

Generically, Vaseline is referred to as “Petroleum Jelly”. It comes as the by-product of refining oil. It concentrates on the bottom of the oil rig and is unwanted because it can lead to malfunctioning. The solution is to package it and sell at a drugstore.  While petroleum jelly is not a dirty product, it is not eco-friendly. The Vaseline brand is purified thrice to account for its purity.

Vaseline as Face Moisturizer

A Vaseline shields your skin from the external environment. This is what moisturizing is all about. It is an occlusive agent that prevents loss of moisture from the body. For the best result using Vaseline, apply it on a washed clean and dry face. Due to its greasiness, a Vaseline is best used at night. A named brand Vaseline does not clog skin pores and is not likely to produce acne. It is therefore categorized as a non-comedogenic substance.

Common questions regarding Vaseline and the appropriate answers.


Is it okay to put Vaseline on your face?

As explained above, applying Vaseline to your face moisturizes the skin. It has no side effect and does not clog the skin pores. It is very okay to use Vaseline on your face.

Is Vaseline good for acne?

Acne is caused by bacteria trapped in skin pores. Although Vaseline is not antibacterial, it helps to treat breakout with its protective formula. When you apply Vaseline it creates a form of protective barrier between your skin and the environment, this helps prevent the reinfection of the pores by germs which can cause acne.

Why do people put Vaseline on their face before a fight?

Vaseline makes the skin more elastic and slippery. This helps to prevent a tear in the skin during a fight. It also reduces the effects of an impact resulting from a sustained punch.

Is Vaseline good and safe for face wrinkles?

When in need of a great moisturizer, then a Vaseline can be of great help to keep moisture locked in. A moisturized skin tend to look younger by making wrinkles less obvious. It softens the appearance of lines creating a more glowing skin. Though it is worthy to note that Vaseline does not prevent wrinkles.

There are websites that say Vaseline should not be used around eyes. Also, there are Vaseline’s tubes that have the warning sign “Do not get into or near the eyes”.

It may not cause any risks or dangers if used according to its label. It can be safely used for lips, skin on face, around eyes, hands and in generally, the whole body. Be careful not to put in inside your eyes because can cause discomfort. Vaseline’s ingredients include ceresin, mineral oil, alcohol and lanolin, among other ingredients.

Does Vaseline prevent wrinkles?

Wrinkles occur naturally as you age. Applying Vaseline will prevent early wrinkling of your skin. When you apply the jelly on a damp skin, it will keep the moisture and will make wrinkles under eyes and face less visible.
You need to know that Vaseline doesn’t prevent wrinkles in this way. When the skin is moisturized, it will look younger and make wrinkles less visible, but it cannot prevent them.

Does it help in fighting wrinkles?

Vaseline fights wrinkles in many ways. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly to fight wrinkles by plumping them up. This can work because the skin won’t dry easily and will smooth your lines. Also, you can get rid of lip lines by applying Vaseline on the lips.

Moreover, can Vaseline help wrinkles such as furrows and deep wrinkles?

These kinds of wrinkles may not be easy to remove. They can be reduced, but not fully erased by applying petroleum jelly. Anyway, you can prevent the lines from becoming worse by applying a film of Vaseline twice daily.

Vaseline for Eye Wrinkles Before Bed

Wrinkles under your eyes can be easily erased if you are careful. For this problem, you can apply Vaseline and reduce their appearance and also smooth out the area around the eyes.

Clean the area under eyes before applying the jelly. Remove any make up before using it. The best time to apply the Vaseline is before going to bed as an overnight treatment for wrinkles under eyes.

Utilizing Vaseline on Your Face to get rid from Wrinkles

  • Apply Vaseline on your face each night to use its anti-aging benefits. Your skin will be hydrated and well moisturized. In the morning you will notice the plumped up face that looks younger.
  • Wash off your face well every night before applying the jelly. Apply it while the skin is still damp. It is important because it ensures the moisture is locked inside the facial skin to keep it plumped, young and soft.



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