White Sores on The Tongue: Causes & How to Remove Them

The tongue is unarguably one of the most sensitive parts of the body and that is why we effortlessly notice any discomfort rooting from it. White patches can be noticed probably as a result of discomfort or due to routine mouth checks after brushing.

These spots most at times go away by themselves. If they do stay longer than expected, a dentist should be visited for him to have a look. Invariably  White patches or spots on the mouth is a sign of oral thrush, leukoplakia and canker sores. These few conditions cause white patches on the mouth, and here is the calculated time to see a dentist.

Causes & symptoms of white tongue sores

  • Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush just like other fungal infection is an exceeding growth of natural fungus, seen often when the immune system is lowered. Infants, cancer patients HIV and other immune-suppressing conditions, anemia diabetic patients e.t.c are predisposed to contracting oral thrush.  A course of Antibiotics can equally trigger their growth.

It is not so serious but a lingering infection deserves a treatment. Symptoms include:

  • Creamy white wounds on the tongue.
  • Wounds like cottage cheese
  • A red severed side of mouth and lips
  • Loss of taste.
  • Dry mouth

Bleeding results from scrapping  The white patch.

  • Canker sores

It is a single or clusters of large and small sized, recurrent white patched wound, surrounded by a red inflamed circular band. It is quite painful and can’t be scraped off.

Immune compromising issues e. g bacteria and fungi, others include trauma, allergies, stress, smoking iron and vitamins deficiencies makes one more vulnerable.

  • Leukoplakia

It is seen on gums, the root of the tongue, in the cheeks and sometimes on the tongue as whitish to grayish patches. It is indifferent to scraping and wiping due to it’s thick and hardened nature.

Tobacco users are most susceptible to leukoplakia development. According to the oral cancer foundation, there are smaller chances of it developing into oral cancer.

  • Hairy leukoplakia

Epstein -Barr virus (EBV), infection is a condition with hairy leukoplakia as a sign.  Fibrous white patches appearing at the corners of tongues in folds and ridges are symptoms of hairy leukoplakia. It is usually benign and lasts a lifetime, a lowered immune system spurs an attack.

Clean the tongue from white sores deposits in 2 steps

  1. Scrape the tongue with a special Ayurvedic tongue scraper. This way you can clean the white plaque and toxins rather than swallowing it back into the system, and ease the function of the intestinal organs.
  2. Lightly scrape from back to front 5-7 times every morning before drinking water.

Doing this on a regular basis will also heighten our sense of taste and increase the intelligence of our tongue. The more intelligent our tongue, the healthier food we eat and the better we feel.

When to visit a Dentist

Thrush normally goes on their own, a lingering  White spot on the tongue for 7-10 days should be checked out by your physician. It is most advisable to see a doctor once it is noticed, this is to make sure it is not rooted in a grave condition.

Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste keeps the mouth clean and healthy hence reducing the chances of white patch occurrence.

Whitish spots on the tongue, May seemingly not be serious, most have experienced it at some point in their life, for others, it is just so recurrent that it isn’t a thing to be bothered about, but then it could be a sign of underlying health problem. Which is why you should go check it out at your dentist, if It happens to concern you.

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