He Puts a Dinner Fork In a Door Lock. It Sounds Silly, But It Could Save Your Life – And Your Family's, Too!

We all want to make sure our house, including ourselves are safe when sleeping at night or while on a vacation. Nobody wants to feel unsafe in its own house and wake up and inspect the whole house every time when hearing suspicious sounds. Also, while on a vacation, you just want to rest and relax. Anyway, the door lock systems are highly expensive.
Luckily, there is a DIY door lock device that can ensure you your house is secure using only a dinner fork. Although it sounds unbelievable, it is possible. This trick does not need sharp brains or the strongest muscles. It is simple and effective.
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Buy a fork that has prongs that are between an inch and three quarters and two inches in length. Take the fork and place it in the latch hole and then take a permanent marker and mark align down the prongs. This shows the depth of the latch hole. Put the fork in a vise. Notice the mark that was made on the prongs and have it in the vise up to where you can see those marks, about an eighth of an inch out.
Next, take a hammer and bend the prongs at that point at a 90 degree angle. Then, go ahead and cut the handle off. After you cut it, the handle needs to slide perfectly in the slots. You can always take a grinder or a file and file the edges and the sides until it does fit perfectly in the slot.
Here Is How It Works
Simply, take the prongs of the fork and insert it into the latch hole. Then, shut the door. Now, insert the handle through the slot on the fork. This locks the door.

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