Make Your Own Water Filter at Home That Costs Less Than A Dollar and Drink Fresh and Crystal Clear Water at Any Time

Water is a part of everyday life and it makes up an enormous part of human existence. There are many dangerous chemicals and toxins that can come from your sink. These dangerous chemicals can cause health issues and disorders over time. So, it is best to filter your water. There are many filtering water methods you can read about online. Also, this article is going to give you directions about filtering water at home.
Moreover, filtrated water tastes better, which means people are more likely to drink it. Filtration can encourage you hydrate your body regularly, and boost your energy and strength.
Make Your Own Water Filter at Home That Costs Less Than A Dollar and Drink Fresh and Crystal Clear Water at Any Time
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  • One empty water bottle
  • Needle
  • Lighter
  • Pliers
  • Activated carbon
  • Filter paper
  • Cup
  • Water

Remove the cap from the empty water bottle. Use the pliers to hold the needle while heating it up with a lighter, candle or stovetop.
When the needle is hot enough, poke a handful of holes with it at the bottom of the bottle. The holes need to be small enough so the activated carbon doesn’t get through.
Next, take the activated carbon and pour it in around 1/3 of the bottle. This ingredient is often used in many methods for filtering water, swimming pools, fish tanks, air, alcohol, etc. you can buy it online or at department stores and pet stores. It eliminates dangerous elements, bad taste and odors.
Place the filter paper into the plastic bottle. First, place the water bottle above a cup and start the filtering by slowly pouring water into the filter water. It will fall into the water bottle, where the activated carbon will filter it again.
When the bottle has enough water, blow into it to aid the water passing through the activated carbon. The water will start to pass through the holes at the bottom of the bottle.
The result is crystal clear water.
This home-made filter eliminates most large elements, such as chemicals and metals, but not viruses and bacteria. You need to boil the water if you want to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

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