15 Unique Uses for Toothpaste

Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste. That thing sitting in everyone’s cupboard to help keep your gums healthy and your teeth clean. But like just about anything, there is more than a single use when it comes to toothpaste.

You already know that we here at Little House Living are all about making the most with everything that you have, so why not make the most with your toothpaste?

Below you will find a list of all kinds of things that I bet you never thought you could use toothpaste for! Make sure to add your own uses for toothpaste in the comments.

15 Unique Uses for Toothpaste

1. Help bug bite irritation. Place toothpaste over a bee, wasp, or other insect bit to help with the swelling and irritation. it should help with any itching and bring the swelling down.

2. Make your own Homemade Jewelry Cleaner. Keep your jewelry clean and shiny with toothpaste and a few other ingredients!

3. Keep your hands smelling fresh. Did you just chop up some smelly garlic or onion? Take a dab of toothpaste and rub it on your hands just like soap, then rinse off. The strong smell should be gone and your hands will be left minty fresh!

4. Remove crayon marks. Did you little one decide to be Picasso all over your walls? Put a little bit of toothpaste on a wet towel or rag and scrub at the marks until they come off the wall. You may want to test this on a small area of your wall first to ensure that it won’t remove paint.

5. Clean carpet stains. Put a little bit of toothpaste on your carpet and scrub with a wet towel to remove carpet stains. This works best with a white, uncolored toothpaste.

6. Help burns. Immediately after receiving a minor burn, put a little toothpaste on the affected area. It should help remove the sting of the burn immediately.

7. Make your headlights shiny again. I saw this one going around the internet and had to try it since my headlights are a little dingy. While it doesn’t remove the scuffed up part of the headlights it will really shine them up! Simply rub toothpaste on your headlights with a dry cloth and then rinse off.

8. Clean out smelly baby bottles. Did you forget to rinse out a baby bottle right away? Swish a little toothpaste and water in the bottle and scrub until the smell and stains are gone. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

9. Get shiny fingernails. Next time you are pampering your nails, scrub them with a little nail brush and a bit of toothpaste. The toothpaste will help keep them strong and shiny, just like your teeth!

10. Clean your piano keys. The next time you are dusting and cleaning your piano, take a wet rag and a little toothpaste and clean each key. Wipes dry when finished. Your keys should be nice and shiny when you are done!

11. Scrub the bathroom sinks. If you drop toothpaste in your sink while brushing, don’t just wash it down the drain! Grab a rag and use it to scrub the inside of the sink where it will work as a natural abrasive. Rinse the sink and you not only have clean teeth but a clean sink!

12. Water rings. Clean up water rings and spots on dining and coffee tables by putting a dab of toothpaste on the table and rubbing it. Wipe away with a wet rag to remove those water rings and spots.

13. Remove the skunk smell. The next time your dog gets into a skunk, skip the tomato juice bath and go for the toothpaste instead. Scrub him down well with an excess of toothpaste until he smells like normal again.

14. Reduce bruises and blemishes. Make sure to use some kind of menthol toothpaste for this one. Apply the toothpaste to a bruise or blemish before you head to bed and remove in the morning. Repeat for a  few days and blemishes will disappear and bruises will go away faster.

15. Clean up your patio furniture. Is your outdoor furniture a little grungy after the summer season? Simply scrub with toothpaste and rinse with water to get it clean again!


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