Entertaining is a kind of action which holds the interest and attention of an audience either by persuading them to laugh or give pleasure and enjoyment. Entertaining is also a combination of words, the action of performing, and the recreation we get afterward. It can either be a play, a movie, a comedy, a dramatic play or any other work, but probably is more common to be one of those interactive works or events which have evolved over thousands of years in particular for the sole purpose of retaining the interest of an audience. Entertainment as a word dates back to the times when the acting arts first developed and was first used in drama. The main objective for acting is to entertain the audience; and if the latter cannot be achieved then the entire performance would be a failure.

Entertaining can also mean entertaining oneself. So we find Entertainers who are so skillful and funny that they are able to keep people’s attention riveted to them. But for this type of entertainment to be fully consummate, its power of persuasion and appeals must be properly harnessed by a performer, and this process of entretement has been the source of much conflict between performers and their audiences for centuries. In the beginning of Entertainment, the word entertainment was only used to refer to action performed for the amusement of others.

Entertainers came up with various ways to amuse themselves and entertain others. The word entertainment today is used to describe any sort of artistic or physical recreation, whether it be for fun education, money, socializing or for any other purpose. We have many ways to entertain ourselves such as reading books, watching movies, going out to eat, playing games and many more. So it is easy to see why the entertainment industry is thriving and growing by the day.

Entertainers are the ones who make the entertainment possible and sometimes the ones who perform. There are different levels of Entertainers. For example, there are actors/actresses who portray characters in the movies, stage plays and television shows; there are musicians who compose music for songs and so on and so forth. Entertainers are in various categories, but when used in the context of Entertainers magazine, a more specific term called Entertainers can be used to refer to anyone who makes entertainment a part of his/her life.

Entertainers are not just artists and performers who can use their talents in performing arts and in show business. Many Entertainers have gone on to establish their own television shows or worked in the television and film industry. actors/actresses can act, sing, play games and do many other things in entertainment. Musicians can compose songs and perform dances in entertainment. Actors can portray people in movies and show business and many other types of Entertainers have contributed their talents and services to mass media and other forms of entertainment.

The word Entertainer is derived from the French term “entraire” which means “to act”. The term can also be derived from the English word Theatre, meaning “a play, performance, or drama”. Entertainers have come a long way since the days of simple plays and theatrical presentations in the past and the present day. Entertainers can be found in every genre of theatre, live entertainment, comedy, music, film, cartoons and many other forms of entertainment. The entertainment industry is alive and well today and there are a variety of different ways to consume entertainment.

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