The Best 6 Herbs for Liver Cleansing and a Tonic Recipe for a Natural Liver Detox

Liver is one of the most important vital body organs with many functions, such as detoxification, protein synthesis, regulating hormone activity, and biochemical production. Food we eat must be processed by the liver before it can be distributed through the body.
The liver has a great role in metabolism and is the greatest detoxifier. Liver cleanse the system not only of environmental toxins, but also of metabolic waste. Our body health is directly related to the liver functioning.
There are some herbs that are particularly good for liver cleansing:
1. Burdock
This herb is most commonly used as a liver detoxifier.  Studies have shown that helps the liver to heal and protects it from further damage. Burdock’s powerful antioxidants are responsible for these results.
2. Dandelion
Only dandelion’s root helps in cleansing the liver and treating gallbladder problems. The root’s compounds help the food digestion of the liver and remove toxins fast and efficiently.
3. Wild yam
Wild yam root is popular as being very effective for liver health. This root lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels and so reduces the stress in the body and increases the efficiency of the liver.
4. Yellow dock
In the past, it was thought that yellow dock root is a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. This root root boosts bile production which aids digestion, particularly of fats. Moreover, it helps preventing toxins from entering the gallbladder, bloodstream and liver.
5. Milk thistle seeds
Milk thistle seeds are powerful liver cleanser. Phytochemicals that are included in the seeds stimulate the secretion of bile from the liver and gallbladder.
6. Garlic
The numerous sulfur-containing compounds in garlic activate the liver enzymes responsible for removing toxins from the body. Also, garlic contains allicin, a powerful compound that helps the protection of the liver from toxic damage, and also helps in the detoxification process.
The Best 6 Herbs for Liver Cleansing and a Tonic Recipe for a Natural Liver Detox

Tonic Recipe for Liver Cleansing

Needed ingredients:

  • 2 parts dandelion root
  • 1 part wild yam root
  • 1 part yellow dock root
  • 1 part burdock root

How to prepare it:
Per 1 liter of water, use 4 tablespoons of herb mixture. After you put the herbs in a small pot, cover it with cold water. Heat slowly and simmer. Let it covered for 20-45 minutes. The longer the herbs simmer, the stronger the tea will be. It its flavor is too bitter, add stevia, honey or maple syrup. Have 2-3 cups daily of this tea.
Image source: Youtube – SuperfoodEvolution

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