Women Fastens Clothespin On Her Ear for One Clever Health Trick That Many Don’t Know

Have you heard about ear reflexology? It is a technique that utilizes pressure points on the ear in order to relieve pain in other parts of the body. It is not that popular as foot or hand reflexology, but it is just as effective for relieving stress and pain.
If you have tried it, you know that ear reflexology is really relaxing and effective. This occurs because of the ear’s proximity to the brain and spinal cord.
People suffering from chronic pain often use a clothespin to apply pressure on the ear points that correlate to where they are suffering physical pain in their body. Ear reflexology application is fast and easy.
You can find different variations of ear maps that point the different pressure areas and their associated body parts. Also, some of these maps are more complex than others. Anyway, the basics are the same. In ear reflexology, more than 100 specific reflex zone points on the external ear are related to the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system.

Ear Chart
Image Via Holistic Dad

Moreover, as an item you can use needles, toothpick or a fingernail. Press the indicated organ point or wherever there is a tender spot for a minute or more each day or any time you can. Massaging both ears thoroughly by rubbing them between thumb and index finger at the same time can be really stimulating to your body. Also, daily massage and pulling the different angles of the ears is also useful.

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