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THIS is the Reason Why You Should Always Sleep Naked!

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Sleeping naked is easier because you won’t need to buy pajamas, so you will save some money. Also, you will have less clothes to wash and to put away. However, you will need to clean the bed sheets more frequently.
You will go out more often
There are people who put on their pajamas right after they get home from work. They use it as an excuse to not go out. Also, this can lead to an inactive lifestyle, which is linked to weight gain.
You will feel happy and free
Laying naked in bed gives you the feeling of freedom and happiness. Then you are free of your pants, bra, and underwear.
Better sex life
If you live with your partner, sleeping naked can lead to a more active sex life. Also, the chances of skin to skin contacts are greater. These two reasons release abundant amounts of oxytocin, the neurotransmitter that triggers the good feeling about your partner.
Better sleep
You won’t need to worry about drawstrings or clothes getting tangled in sheets if sleeping naked. Sleeping without any clothes can help you get deeper sleep, which helps you be healthier.
It helps your skin
When sleeping naked, your whole body breathes. Your private parts, armpits and feet are limited throughout the day by being covered with multiple layers, even during summer. But, when sleeping naked, these body parts can breath. This decreases the chances of skin diseases, such as athlete’s foot, which is caused by wet and limited skin.
Cortisol regulation
When sleeping without any clothes, it aids in keeping your body temperature at the optimal ranges and then your body can better create cortisol. Increased cortisol can increase anxiety, cravings for bad food, weight gain, etc. The cortisol is increased when you sleep overheated. So, sleeping naked keeps the body temperature down and helps you sleep well. Then, the body properly produces and regulates cortisol.
Balance of the melatonin and growth hormone
Sleeping naked and maintaining your sleeping environment below 70 degrees helps the body regulate its melatonin and growth hormone level. These two chemicals are essential for preventing aging and for good health. Sleeping with clothes prevents the beneficial use of the two hormones. It means that sleeping with clothes makes you grow at a faster rate.
Healthier sex organs
For men, sleeping without clothes helps their testes to stay at a cooler temperature, keeping their sperm healthy. Also, their reproductive systems function properly. For women, the cooler sleeping environment helps them prevent yeast infections.
Better sleep in the summertime
Summertime can cause trouble for getting good sleep. Take off your clothes and you will feel more comfy. Also, you may not need to turn on the A/C.
If you are cold or ill, it is recommendable to put on clothes before going to bed.

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