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How to Turn a Woman On – Sensitive Parts to Arouse Her

You can turn a woman on by touching sensitive places on her body, imagine doing it with your mouth! Do you need to arouse her instantly? Then kiss these 11 hot spots.

Utilizing sensitive parts of a women’s body to make her go hot

A woman posses the most amazing sensitive body. You can easily send a woman into intense pleasure by kissing her on the right spot. This will make her shiver in delight giving her goosebumps or chills.

The body of some women is too sensitive that they achieve orgasm with just a kiss on the right spot! Even as we know that kissing can create a sensuous pleasure, kissing badly can kill pleasure and destroy mood!

A woman can as well get easily turned off when you are not making her feel delightful. Kissing her too deeply can leave an embarrassing mark or hurt her. While kissing her too slightly would just tickle her. Try to kiss moderately, whether it is her breast or neck.

10+ perfect hot spots to kiss a woman to arouse her

This guide will keep you in the right track to arousing your woman but bear in mind that the importance of practice cannot be overemphasized. Kissing the right spot perfectly is not easily done.

Classic Kissing

A time taken sensuous kiss is sexy. Kissing is synonymous to making out and every remarkable sexual experience starts with a long hot kiss.

  1. Lips

There is no way you can kiss effectively without kissing her on the lips. Call it first base, French kissing, smooching, sucking of the face, tongue action or anything, lip kiss is very crucial. Getting more than just a kiss depends on the quality of your kisses and you being a great kisser.

Lips are among the very sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Do not ruin the whole process by leaving a rough beard that will make her feel uncomfortable. Therefore, try to shave and condition your beard and mustache so to avoid irritating her skin.

Be giving – Kiss a woman anywhere that she enjoys and gets pleasure from. Do not be selfish and be a great lover, delay your pleasure for hers. It is good to be giving, even when you as a guy may not really gain a lot kissing her around her body. But when she enjoys it, you will enjoy it too!

  1. Neck

Neck kisses can arouse a woman within seconds when it is done rightly. The skin around her neck is very sensitive. Kiss her neck slowly and gently avoiding deep sucking. Slowly drag your wet soft inner lips over her skin and hear her moan in pleasure. You can employ your tongue too but do it cautiously to avoid slobbering her. Her skin should be dry immediately after the kiss.

Avoid kissing the front of her neck, this can push on her windpipe. Take the kiss from the back of her ears down to right above her collarbone. Do not leave bruise marks or hickeys on her neck.

  1. Collarbone

Kissing her collarbone may not be as sensitive as kissing her neck. But this part links the neck to her chest and shoulders. Kiss right above her collarbone through her neck base unto the shoulder.

  1. Ears

Ears are one of the hot spots for kissing. Sometimes kissing the ears may be neglected, but softly sucking her earlobes and using the tongue to stimulate behind her ear, is a great way to go especially during sex. Be cautious while doing this to avoid getting kissing noises or heavy breathing directly into her ears. Doing it is a big turn off!

  1. Breasts

The breasts come as the most kissed part of a woman’s body after the lips. It is also the most sensitive after the genitals. Therefore, this guide will only be incomplete without mentioning this obvious soft spot. You can stimulate her by kissing anywhere on her breast, but the nipples are the most sensitive. Some women reach orgasm having their breast kissed.

It can be great kissing her breast with a little deeper sucking than while kissing any other part. Also, bear in mind that a woman’s preference is different from another. While some will enjoy a hard sucking and strong groping of the breast, others can only feel pain. Squeezing and pinching of her nipples can be a very painful process. Note that just before a woman’s period arrives, her breast tends to become more sensitive and appears to swell.

Start by giving her a soft gentle kiss on her breast. Gradually increase the pressure, press her nipples a little bit tighter between your lips, suck and squeeze a little deeper. Avoid using your teeth, it hurts her. Listen to her, that is how to know when to give more or reduce the pressure. You can as well ask her, communication can be a great key to the unforgettable sexual experience.

  1. The nape of her neck

The nape is sensitive to temperature, this is due to the nearness of the spine to the surface of the skin. Give her a light kiss on the nape, breathe warm air from your nose to her skin, kiss her some more and blow cool air on the spot with your mouth. This will make her shiver down the spine.

  1. Back

Never neglect a woman’s back. Gently drag your lips from her nape down towards her hips through her back. Hold her tight as you graze the tiny hairs along her back without necessarily making contact. This will send goosebumps through her body.

  1. Ribs & sides

Use your inner upper lips to stimulate her skin between her breast and hips. This can be very ticklish for some women. On the other hand, others may not really feel the same. But it is generally awesome for most women.

  1. Waist

Kissing along her hipbones would definitely give her pleasure. This stimulates the glands running to the genitals. It turns her on for what is ahead.

  1. Inner thighs

Start from the mid-thigh with a light dry kiss and gradually work up to the top of her leg. Make the kiss wetter as you go up, take your time and linger longer. While at the top of her leg, suck with a slightly increased pressure using your tongue effectively. This will drive her crazy! Of course, the inner thigh is a very sensitive part of the body.

  1. Vagina

The most sensual part of a woman’s body of course. Start gently with light kisses on the lips of her vagina, use your tongue to part the outer lips and go for the inner ones. Keep her teased with more kisses before giving her oral sex. The whole process will drive her wild if you make it good enough to worth her wait.

Touch her in the right spots

A woman’s pleasure is very crucial to a memorable sexual experience. Learn how to kiss her in the right spots. Continuous practice will lead to great improvement. All you need is to follow this guide accordingly and get your woman stuck with you!

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