This Color is Bad for Your Health and You Should NEVER Use It for Your Bedding! Here Is Why!

Because we spend a lot of time in our bed, we want to have everything we need that persuades rest. Our health is manifested through the comfort and harmony in our bed.
The simplest way to reach health, luck and harmony is by balancing your bed according to feng shui.
The secrets relating to your bedding are soft and pastel colors. A thing you must remember is not to use blue color or any fragments of blue color in your bedding. This color is a water symbol and while sleeping, your bedding absorbs your energy and you will feel exhausted.
Blue bedding brings illnesses and diseases, especially it influences on your stomach and breathing. Your bedding may be of any light color, except for blue. Also, change sheets frequently to prevent accumulation of negative energy. Choose sheets with natural materials, such as cotton, silk, etc.
This Color is Bad for Your Health and You Should NEVER Use It for Your Bedding! Here Is Why!
According to feng shui, the green color indicates business opportunity and earned income.
If you are short with money, colors that indicate accumulated wealth are what you really need. There is a huge range of colors, from mint to deep forest green, with a medium green shade as the prime color of accumulated money.
In feng shui the red color stands for an indirect route to wealth through social status, family name, or high profile. Of course, there is a range of colors, from shell pink to deep orchid. Another way to achieving success is through network connections, travel and international contacts. These areas are symbolized by metallic shades, such as silver, gray, white and gold.
If you are missing love and happiness, the element of earth helps us, according to feng shui. Yellow shades, starting from buttercup to ochre are the shades you can choose. Moreover, these are the shades that stand for spirituality, education and making good decisions. Rich brown and cocoas shades generate growth and harmony. This are the right shades if you want family relationships and good health.

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