Get Rid of Herpes and Acne Naturally in 24 HOURS!

Herpes is an infection, triggered by the herpes simplex virus. This problem is very itchy and painful, and it is generally seen in both men and women. It often shows itself through small sores and blisters.
If you are having problem with herpes or acne, we have the natural cure that will help you get rid of it in 24 hours.

Garlic as the Best Cure for Herpes

Needed ingredients:
– A clove of garlic

How to prepare this natural remedy?
Take one garlic clove and cut it into small pieces. Apply the finely chopped garlic directly onto the herpes. Let it sit on the problematic area for 10 minutes and then wash with warm water.
Repeat the same procedure for five times.
The herpes will disappear in 24 hours, but if it is a matter of a bigger infection, then repeat the same method the next day too.

Why is garlic so health beneficial?
The garlic is considered a natural antibiotic because it is rich in many vitamins and increases the defensive ability of the organism.
Antibiotics are not effective against herpes, which is a virus, because it only threats bacteria. But, garlic is really effective against viruses. Garlic eliminates viruses on direct contact, including those viruses that are responsible for viral meningitis, viral pneumonia, as well as herpes infections.
Even Hippocrates used garlic to heal many different kinds of infections. However, garlic is often used to fight parasites and pathogenic microbes.

Garlic is a great source of minerals like selenium, calcium and phosphorus. Also, it is rich in vitamin C, B6 and manganese. Moreover, it includes different kinds of natural sugars, like fructose, glucose and insulin.
In addition, garlic has high selenium content that is higher than any other plant source.
Herpes can be triggered by different factors and it differs from person to person. Menstruation, trauma, sunlight exposure, lower immune system, extreme weather conditions can make cold sores reappear. In other words, there is no definite cause of the problem.

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