How to Prevent Osteoporosis: Calcium, Balanced Diet, and More

Osteoporosis is the condition wherein the bones become too brittle because of the loss of calcium. This debilitating condition can strike anyone but it is most common among women. Osteoporosis can go unnoticed for a long time until the person has an accident and suffers bone fracture where the doctor will finally see the brittle bones. The common symptoms of Osteoporosis is pain in joints, pain that can be felt in the bones and if you easily fracture your bones. The most vulnerable areas where this condition usually occurs are the hips and the spine.

Here are some natural approaches to help you avoid and treat Osteoporosis.

Early Detection
Early detection of Osteoporosis is still the best way to avoid this debilitating health condition. If you feel that your bones are becoming weak and you encounter several pains in your spine or hips, then you should immediately consult your doctor. Remember that as you get older, your bones are becoming less efficient in absorbing important nutrients and calcium that helps in keeping it strong. Women who are at the age between 45 to 70 years old should have regular check up to see if there are any signs of bone deterioration.

Have a Balanced Diet
Your diet and lifestyle is very critical in determining whether you are at risk of Osteoporosis when you get older. You must constantly eat lots of green leafy vegetables rich in nutrients that keep your bones healthy and strong. Avoid unhealthy food such as fast foods and processed foods, and do not drink too much carbonated drinks. You should drink calcium supplements for your daily dose of calcium. Vitamin D is also essential because it helps your body absorb more calcium.

Healthy Lifestyle
Do you have bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol drinking? You have to minimize or totally avoid doing these things because it can really increase the risk of Osteoporosis. Exercising regularly is very good for your bones, especially weight training because bones respond naturally to these activities. Avoid bone deterioration by having a healthier and active lifestyle.

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