”The Stinking Rose” Magical Drink: Sip This and Never Visit Doctor Again

Garlic is an extraordinary vegetable. It is a tasty ingredient in cooking that enriches flavor, but also it is a perfect remedy for many diseases.

Garlic is one of the first cultivated plants in the world that has been grown for more than 5000 years. Garlic had an important role in Ancient Egyptians’ culture. It was placed in the Pharaohs’ tomb, but it was also given to the slaves that built the Pyramids in order to increase their strength and endurance. Also, garlic was highly honored in the Ancient Greek and Roman’s culture. Their athletes consumed garlic before sporting events and the soldiers ate it before going to war.
So far, we have written many articles about the health benefits of garlic. If you care about your health, you should own this garlic drink that cures hundreds of diseases. It does miracles to your health and wellbeing.

This drink made of garlic eliminates the salt from the organism, improves the function of the organism, purifies the blood, and boosts the immune system, the blood vessels and the heart.
Moreover, the drink removes the fats and improves the metabolism. It is also good for women’s diseases and inflammations, cleaning the whole organism from bad deposits. Good news is that you can prepare it by yourselves.

How to prepare it:
– Put 12 cloves of garlic in a jar, each clove should be cut into four pieces.
– Pour half a liter of red wine.
– Cover it and let it sit in the sun by the window for two weeks.
– You should stir it two or three times every day.
– After two weeks you should strain it and pour it into a dark bottle.

Consume one teaspoon of the drink three times a day for one month and repeat the whole procedure after six months.
Many books have been written about garlic’s therapeutic benefits, and in some it may be referred as “the stinking rose”.  Garlic is rich in many powerful sulfur-containing compounds, like thiosulfinates (of which allicin is the most known), sulfoxides, and dithiins. These compounds are responsible for the characteristic odor of garlic, but they are also the source of many heathy benefits.

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