How Gummy Candies Are Really Made – Video

Every child on the planet desires candies and can’t get enough of them. But, adults are not that fond of these treats, not only because they want to keep their waist thin, but also because most of them know how they are made. For those who are not familiar with the production process of gummy candies, it is time to learn more about it.
Gelatin is a gelling ingredient created by animal skin and bones. It is used in the production of gummy candies and all types of jello products.
Anyway, there are candies made with vegan gelatin alternatives, such as agar. It is the most used substitute for gelatin and is acquired from algae. This is a good alternative if you decide to stop eating gelatin.
The production of gummy candies is described in this video, truly depicts the horrible production process. Before your tasty candy reaches candy stores, pig corpses must be torched and then their skin removed. Next, their skin is boiled down so the needed ingredient gets created.
The producer of the video visited a few slaughter houses about which she says it a shocking discovery. She adds that jelly is sweet, but not many of us know that it is made of gelatin from the pigs’ skin.
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