The Human Body and How it Changed Through History

Humanity underwent many evolutionary steps in the last 200,000 years. Evolution has left many proofs in humans and animals today. Read this article and you will discover what the evolution’s most interesting evidences left in humans are:

Your wrist tendon

First, place your hands on the table and face your palms upwards. Then, join your thumb and your little finger, lifting your fist a little. Now see if your tendon is visible or not.
The tendon is a muscle placed between the upper arm and wrist. It is not needed anymore, so that is the reason why it is not present in every person, but only in 13% of the population in the world. It does not contribute to a person’s strength, and what’s more it does not have any negative effects.

The pink spot in the eye corner

What is the purpose of the pink spot in the corner of our eyes? We all have it, but it has no function anymore. Reptiles have it, which is known as third eyelid and it can be seen when their eyes are closed. It functions as a layer for protection of the eye. Now we have the eyelashes, so this pink spot does not serve as a protection.

Wiggling ears

If you can wiggle your ears, you probably do that to make someone laugh. This movement had an important function in the past. It could improve people’s hearing, so they could better locate sounds and danger around them. Cats can do this.

Wisdom tooth

These teeth have no function, but what was their initial purpose? In the past, people used to consume more grass roots and chew more. We do not need all our teeth today because we consume lighter and softer food now, which made our jaw smaller. Gorillas still have their wisdom teeth, unlike most of the monkeys and primates.

Getting goose bumps

We all get goose bumps once in a while, whether when we are cold, afraid, sexually aroused, or being euphoric. What causes this? Our body stores more heat when the hair is up and when in danger, people’s hair up made them look bigger and more dangerous to the attackers. As you can see, getting goose bumps had a real function in the past when people had a real fur. You can witness this in domestic cats.
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