Boost Your Internet Connection Speed by 3 Times with This Simple Trick!

Nowadays,the  internet is used by everyone and we all like it fast. So, keeping the web speed up is very important.
I am sure you all have tried resetting when your internet connection is slow. Or, another option which can be helpful is turning your router on and off. First, make sure you know your login information if the computer needs it after the reset. However, these options don’t always help.
Here is one way to boost your internet speed connection by three times! What you just need to do is follow some instructions.
Don’t place the router next to metal objects, refrigerators or microwaves. These objects can slow down and weaken the signal. Place the router or the modem close to your laptop, cell phone or computer.
In addition, make sure you put your modem in a higher place, for example 2-3 meters high. Also, it should be clean, without too much dust in it. It sounds strange, but dust can make your internet connection slow. Clean it at least 2 times weekly.
Another thing you should know is that the modem or router should not be placed where there are too many people.
Finally, make sure the micro filters are new because the old ones can cause some problems. Their replacement should be done at least 2 times a year.
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