What Your Underwear Choice Says About Your Personality


A lady’s choice of underwear is strongly connected to her style and personality. Whether she is wearing lace, cotton or nothing at all, the type of underwear is a secret that only the woman herself knows.
Women’s underwear reflects their personal mantras and their goals too.
So, what does your underwear choice say about you?
Boy Shorts
The women who love wearing boy shorts have a nice tushy and their style is easy-going and free. People depend on you and you can be a group leader with comfort and ease. Innovative, charismatic, social and friendly are the words that can describe you.
You are a hard worker and always want to set and achieve goals. You always place comfort first.
There is no argument that these girls are mentally gifted and sexy. You know what you want and how to get it. You are the leader of the pack. Maybe you can be a little intimidating, but you are fierce. Friends seek guidance from you.
You want to stay comfortable during your exhausting working day.
Some people think you are lazy, but they are wrong. You are super chill and you would rather do something for yourself all day long, than taking care for someone else. You don’t want to waste your time or patience for some other people’s problems.
You dream of lying on a beach, sunbathing with a gorgeous man next to you, drinking cocktails and forget about all the problems while swimming in the ocean. You are born for the island life, not to be stuck in an office throughout the whole day.
You’re a free spirit.
Granny Panties
Women wearing granny panties like to feel comfy too and don’t care about other people’s opinion on their underwear choices.
Also, these women don’t have sex very often and don’t like skinny jeans or miniskirts. These girls would rather stay at home at watch a movie than go out with a date.
You are hot women who aren’t afraid of showing it. You always prefer male company, probably because you find more comfort with guys.
You love parties and you bring the life of the parties. In your case, only the sky is the limit.
Boxer Briefs
You are a careless girl who does not want to settle down. You always think of a next big project or a promotion.
You are quiet and shy, and you like to be secretive because you know it is the best way to accomplish things.
You are a loyal friend and your best friends are always here when you need them.
You are a careless girl who does not have time to wear underwear.
Why doing some extra laundry or folding clothes when you can spend more time enjoying outside than sitting inside.
You are a positive person with so much passion and people admire you because you find beauty in everything.
You are the type of woman that everyone wants to be with.