Entertaining is a broad form of human activity, which holds an audience’s interest and holds their interest for a very long time. It could be a job or an idea but generally is much more likely to be a creative activity or event, which has developed over thousands of generations specifically for the sole purpose of holding an audience’s interest long enough for them to come back for more. This is entertainment at its best.

Entertaining is not only in the form of music, drama and comedy, but also includes beverages such as wine, spirituous liquors, beer and ale, soft drinks, coffee and distilled beverages. Entertaining can also be in the form of dance, gymnastics, figure skating and pantomime. The word itself, entertains implies enjoyment, while beverages generally indicates refreshment and health. If the primary objective of public officials and taxpayers is to prevent drunk driving, then it behooves them to provide entertainment in the form of free alcoholic beverages in establishments that cater to the general public. Otherwise, they effectively are subsidizing irresponsible drinking.

Of course, the cost of entertainment is not the only reason to disallow alcohol advertising, and the First Amendment gives citizens the right to enjoy literature, plays, movies and other forms of artistic expression. However, if the sole purpose of a government regulation is to control the sale of alcoholic beverages, it plainly is the wrong purpose. It is perfectly within the law to disallow advertising of alcoholic beverages in places where the consuming of alcoholic beverages is not allowed under state law. In addition to government property, there are private premises that are rightfully entitled to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages on their property. Private non-government establishments that allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on their property should not be regulated by the government.

There is another form of entertainment that is becoming increasingly popular in bars and restaurants across our nation. The Circus Arts troupes from Maryland is one such group. The Circus Arts troupe stages a number of shows each night and they are becoming increasingly popular among locals and tourists alike. What could be a better reason to visit a circus than to enjoy a great time with your family and friends?

Many cities throughout the United States have come up with ordinances that prohibit owning, renting or operating a circus in their city. That is unfortunate because the performing arts and circus are both very unique forms of entertainment. It is my contention that this type of entertainment does not belong in a ‘free for all’ society that tends to focus on the banality of everything, including the performing arts.

My final point is a very simple one. Consider whether or not the new proposed regulations would interfere with your ability to enjoy great meals, healthy snacks and quality live entertainment. If you cannot enjoy these things while watching your favorite television show then I question the reason you are even considering owning a circus in the first place. Remember that there is nothing that makes a show more entertaining than good food, great music and top notch customer service. It is my contention that this type of entertainment simply will not hurt your business or cause you to lose money if you choose it.

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