Media are basically the communication tools or sources utilized to deliver and store data or information. The word refers to various components of the mass media communication industry, including print media, broadcast media, film, television, music, photography, publishing, news, and advertising. This means that all these disciplines are dependent on one another for efficient functioning of a society. Broadly speaking, there are three types of media. These are

Print media refer to the old-fashioned way of communicating through newspapers, magazines and book publishers. The printed medium of communication is now gradually replaced by the electronic media due to increased productivity, reliability and speed. But still, the newspapers and magazines are very important because they carry information that the Internet does not have, like news and current events, weather forecasts and many more.

Broadcast media refers to the audio and video medium, such as radio and television. The broadcast media include TV, radio, film and the Web. The radio and television stations usually have their own websites that provide information and resources regarding the station. The print media include magazines and newspapers that are distributed widely. And there are lots of book publishers that also publish books in both print and audio media.

Digital media refer to the latest mediums utilized for communication on the Internet, including podcasts and MP3s. In general, the term media refers to any means of communication that can be transmitted or received by means of some electronic signal. The Internet has become one of the most popular and rapidly increasing forms of mass media that use the term media for communication. It is a vast network of networks consisting of worldwide networks of computers.

Social media refer to the online social communication channels like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. These social media have grown tremendously in the last few years and are used by individuals and organizations in a variety of ways. Social media channels provide an efficient way to interact with people and groups. It is a platform through which people can express themselves through their blogs, status updates, emails and other related activities. For instance, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are used for online conversations and sharing information.

The traditional form of media includes the print media and the broadcast media. Print media refer to periodicals such as newspapers and magazines. They also cover some news and current affairs. They are generally sent by the publishing house or the newspaper industry. The broadcasting media include television and radio channels that provide news and current events through the signals that are transmitted. Audience reach of print media and broadcast media is quite large, since they are available in almost every public place.

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