The Impact Of Media On Society

Media are basically the communication tools or means used to transmit and store data or information. The word generally refers to elements of the mass media communications discipline, including print media, broadcast media, film, television, music, photographic, audiovisual, publishing, electronic media, and marketing. The mass media is also referred to as the “herd” since the information is passed on to the entire population. Media has emerged out of the traditional mass media and changed the way people communicate, organize, and manage their news. In addition, media have become an important component of our day-to-day business life. Many of the mediums in the current era were originally developed and used for the above-mentioned purpose, which greatly contributes to its success.

Basically, there are two types of media: printed media and broadcast media. Print media include the most widely-used publications such as newspapers and magazines; others include radio and TV broadcasts. Broadcast media include the major networks and/or cable channels; some also include the Internet, television, and other recorded media. As for the Internet, it can be referred to as either the world-wide-web or World Wide Web (WWW) and includes databases, hyperlinks, web pages, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other communication tools.

Nowadays, almost everybody uses the Internet for various purposes, and so it is no surprise that there are more newspapers and magazines than there are books in the world. However, there are still many individuals who prefer reading newspapers and other printed forms of media because they find it more interesting and relaxing. However, given today’s high-tech lifestyle, there are many who have not given up the love for printed media because of their convenience. And even if there are more newspapers and magazines than there are books, people still continue to purchase them because of their value and significance for human communication.

Moreover, when it comes to radio and television, people are more familiar with them compared to magazines and newspapers. Many people say that radio and television offer a more immediate means of getting information; however, television is more entertaining and at times, can be used as a stress reliever. Also, in comparison to print media, radio can be easily and rapidly downloaded from the Internet while television can be watched or listened to live. In addition, newspapers and magazines are primarily read on the first or second day while radio and television are often read continuously for a few days before being deleted. However, this is not the case with the latter type of media because people are constantly reminded by radio and television hosts of upcoming programs and talk shows.

Lastly, although there are more printed forms of media and more publications that are published, one has to remember that there are still many people who prefer to communicate through newspapers and magazines. These are the best means of news and information dissemination and are considered as the first source of news among the people. Meanwhile, most people also prefer listening to the radio or watching television rather than reading newspapers and magazines because they can listen to the latest news or information right away. These mediums of communication have been in existence for ages and have been very useful for our society.

However, there are also some limitations of the above-mentioned media. They do not have the capability of informing the larger population about various events and occurrences unless it has been broadcasted on television or radio. Print media also limited itself when it comes to choosing topics for discussion or entertainment like books, music, art, movies, etc. However, when it comes to the most popular form of communication, radio and television, they are able to provide the information to people at anytime and anywhere without hindrance. Hence, this medium of communication have become very useful in today’s modern society where there is a great need of information from varied sources.

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