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The Ultimate Burning Fat Breakdown: Ketosis VS Juice Fasting?

Both the process of ketosis and juice fasting are excellent methods to make your body burn down fat in fast and effective ways. However, while ketosis makes your body run entirely on fats with low carb intake, juice fasting demands your body to ingest more carbs to promote a faster metabolism that burns fat as well.

These methods are incompatible, so if you want to burn fat fast, you will have to choose one or the other. Here’s what you should know first:

What Is Ketosis?

The human body is designed to work on three different fuels: sugar, fat and amino acids. When your body only works with fat, it means you are in ketosis. And this process is only achieved when you reduce your carbohydrates consumption and focus on eating only protein and fat.

If you exercise, you can reach ketosis a lot faster. This way you will burn down all the sugar and carbs in your body and run entirely on ketones (fatty acids).

The Problem of Sugar with Ketosis

Consuming sugar while in ketosis will immediately turn all the benefits of ketosis off. You would have wasted all the time trying to reach ketosis and very likely you will have to wait to induce ketosis once again or go for tougher options to do it.

When you increase your carb intake, you are immediately increasing your sugar intake as well. And when you pair carbs and fat together, the results are even worse. You will enhance all your glycogen levels and make ketosis almost impossible for your body. This will lead to higher storage of fat and thus, harder-to-burn fatty acids.

The Problem of Fructose with Ketosis

Fructose, similarly to carbohydrates, is a magnificent source of energy for our bodies. However, fructose also creates a spike in insulin which promotes higher glycogen levels and eventually harms the ketosis process.

What’s worse, fructose is processed only in the liver, similarly to ketones and fat. When you eat fructose, your liver will be busy burning down the energy from it instead of the fat. And of course, fructose takes hours to be processed, so you will have to wait longer to reach ketosis once again.

 The Problem with Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is the process of using fructose and sugar to burn fat, instead of ingesting carb-rich or protein-rich meals in the morning, you would be taking only juice. However, this approach is almost unhealthy entirely, not only because it doesn’t give the necessary energy for the body to function correctly, but also makes your body work on protein and amino acids instead of fat.

And of course, juice fasting makes ketosis almost impossible. On top of that, your fat intake will also lower down, which could cause metabolic problems and even make your brain a lot slower.

Burning Fat: Juice Fasting or Ketosis?

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The best way to burn fat is, undoubtedly, ketosis. Even though many people recommend using juice fasting every day as it makes your body start more energized than usual, it will eventually make it harder to burn fat and could produce several body conditions.

If you ever want to lose fat faster, go for a ketosis-oriented plan. Ketosis is faster, more effective, and much healthier than any fasting method.


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