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How to Remove Almost All Belly Fat in a Single Night With the Emergency Diet

Losing excess abdominal fat is one of the most troublesome things to do. This “emergency” diet gained its popularity because of the fast results it provides. If you are short on time to hit the gym, this diet is the right thing to start with. You will shed extra pounds of your belly within only 24 hours. After a single night your stomach will be flat, including your body being detoxified and cleansed. Get ready to look astonishing for your important upcoming event!
Staying hydrated helps the body function better. The diet includes only juices, smoothies, and teas, which mean your body will be able to flush out waste from the body at a faster pace. This is an amazing way to get the benefits of a juice diet since it boosts the immune system, improves digestion, improves mood and stimulates better eating habits.
Follow this “Emergency” diet plan to lose belly fat:
8 am:  Have a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice.
10 am: Have a glass of water mixed with orange or apple juice.
12 o’clock (at noon): Drink a cup of green tea.
1 pm: Mix a glass of cold water with carrot juice and drink it.
3 pm: Drink a cup of tea of your choice.
5 pm: Have a natural juice of your choice and drink one glass of it.
7 pm: Have another cup of green tea.
9 pm: Have a glass of water mixed with grapefruit juice.
10 pm: Now you need to finish the day with the same drink you had to start it. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice.
Remember! You should not add any artificial sweeteners or ingredients to the teas and juices you consume.
We recommend this diet because you will achieve a flat stomach in 24 hours. Moreover, it will flush out toxins from your body, providing you much more energy.
A one-day diet offers many health benefits. Our digestive system functions non-stop and a diet like this gives the digestive system some time to repair and heal. It clarifies the mind and prevents future illnesses. Moreover, the immune system is improved and also anti-aging benefits are offered.
Article source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com

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