What Is Mediation?

Media are the means or tools used to transmit and store data or information. The word refers generally to the mass media communications industries, including print media, television, radio, cinema, photographic, publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and the web media. The term media is usually used in contexts that refer to any means of transmission of information, but it has sometimes been used to refer to any medium that can be utilized to convey information. In this sense, media refer not only to tools and devices used for transmitting and storing information, but may also include the format of any message that is transmitted or stored.

The advantages of the above mediums have given rise to considerable differences in their operation, efficiency, quality, and pricing. Digital televisions are fast becoming the most popular consumer electronics appliances, with their high selectivity, a wide variety of features, and advanced picture and sound quality. They are also highly efficient, with many channels able to simultaneously play multiple video streams. It is also widely available and inexpensive, and has a high acceptability and acceptance rating. Because of these features and its efficiency, digital TV is fast becoming the entertainment medium of choice for consumers.

Media such as the internet, however, are rapidly becoming a preferred substitute for television and radio. For several years, social networking and blogging websites such as Facebook have been increasing in popularity and influence. They have significantly broadened the scope of communication and have also contributed to the reduction of cost associated with communication. Many businesses, organizations, and individuals utilize the available social networking mediums for promotional purposes, to build brand recognition, and as a means of communicating with customers and other interested parties. Blogs and articles are written and circulated via social networking sites and social networking blogs; links to blog entries and articles can be shared via e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, and on social networking forums such as MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Social media does not only provide users with a venue for interactive communication, but it also provides a forum for marketing and promotions. Marketing materials may be distributed through social media. This medium is used as a means of promoting a product or service. It is generally accepted that advertising through media and communications is a very effective way of reaching a large and diverse audience. The increased reach that is offered by media and communications also helps reduce the financial impact associated with marketing activities. In addition to the direct communication provided through communication channels, it is also possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and determine where certain improvements should be made.

Mediated human communication is the term used to refer to the interaction of two or more human beings who interact with each other in an attempt to solve a problem or satisfy some need. Early forms of media and communication were predominantly of the visual nature; images were used as representations, forms of art, and even music. Human communication in its early forms developed out of the needs of the community to serve particular purposes. A typical early form of media and communication would be the use of vision, voice, and dance to communicate information that could not be expressed in words.

Mass Media refers to the broad category of all types of communicating media including radio, television, film, and the print media. It is a term that is usually used in conjunction with the term mass communication. The earliest forms of mass media were produced by the broadcasting industry during the early days of the twentieth century. Throughout the history of mass media the medium has evolved and changed dramatically, and the methods of delivery have changed as well.

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