Fashion: 12 Stylish Hacks All Women Must Know

No matter if you are spending lots of money on clothes or not, you always want to look superb. That is why it is good to keep some useful tricks up your sleeve. Some of the following tricks are totally new to you and some are just unbelievable! Read on and you will be surprised of all the things you can do to make your clothes as good as new.
1. If your jeans are a bit smelly, just put them in the freezer. Because washing jeans can ruin them, freezing them is a solution that is unfamiliar to many people.
Fold your jeans and put them in a bag and seal it. Put them in your freezer and remove them a week later. Your favorite pair of jeans will be as good as new. However, remember that this method won’t remove stains, but it eliminates bacteria and makes your jeans clean again.
2. There is a quick and effective way to remove stains: just grab a sanitizer and rub it on the stain. Then, wash off!
3. You need to go on a trip, but you also want to keep your look nice and wrinkles-free. There is a way to pack your suit in a suitcase without it coming out wrinkled:
Hold the suit jacket upright and pull one of the shoulders inside-out. Tuck in the opposite shoulder into the one being popped inside-out. The whole length of the lapel should be lined up well.
Next, fold the suit jacket vertically. Everything needs to be lined up to the width of one shoulder. Fold the jacket horizontally in half, while the shoulders, top needs to be lined up with the jacket’s bottom edge.
4. If you don’t have the right bra for a low-back top or dress, here is one fast and simple trick to make a low-back bra converter!
Start by cutting off the claps from a bra. Leave enough band to affix on the elastic. Then, sew one clasp to the end of an elastic band. After you clutch it on one end of the bra, wrap around your tummy to measure the needed length. Then, cut the elastic to the required length and sew on the second clasp.
5. Here is a way to make your T-shirts feel vintage soft:
Mix a quart of water with half a cup of salt. Soak your T-shirt in the salt mixture for about 3 days. Then, wash it with a detergent in the washing machine. Let it dry.
6. Get rid even of the toughest stain by applying shaving cream on it. That’s all!
Shaving creams can be useful outside the bathroom, such as in removing stubborn grease stains. You just need to apply some shaving cream on the stain and let it sit for a while. The stain will be gone!
7. If your pants feel too tight, air dry them! Fabrics hate the heat and clothes can shrink up to
10% when put in the dryer.
8. There is a great possibility women spend a fortune on tights. You get a nice pair and even before you know it, you need a new pair. Luckily, there is something you can do to make them live longer: grab your hairspray and spray them!
9. If you sense a musty smell on your clothes, mix 1/3 vodka with 2/3 water, pour it in a spray bottle and it will do the trick. Also, you don’t need to buy some pricy vodka because the cheapest one will do the job too. Spray your garments, but don’t wet them. As the alcohol evaporates, it takes the smell with it. This also expands the life of your garments.
10. If your zipper is stuck, this is what you are supposed to do: Rub some Vaseline, a graphite pencil tip, or crayon wax over the jam to make it work again.
11. You can still wear a button shirt that is too long. Just unbutton the last few buttons and tie the ends.
12. And last but not least, there is a way to remove excess dye from your jeans. There is no need to use the washing machine or buy products.
Needed ingredients:

  • 3-5 gallon bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Cold water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Gloves
  • And of course, your jeans that stain everything

Pull your jeans inside out and let them soak overnight in enough water to cover them. Add half a cup of white vinegar.
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