Make Dark Circles Disappear Like Magic

Many people have dark circles under their eyes and all of them want to get rid of it. It is a common problem because this skin is thin and it gives a tired and older look.
Different solutions are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in order to eliminate this skin problem. However, all of these solutions cost too much and are not safe. Luckily, there are excellent natural remedies for dark circles under your eyes.
What are the causes of dark circles under eyes?

  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Menstruation and pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Bad diet
  • The weather
  • Lack of sleep
  • Premature aging
  • Problems with liver

Tips to keep dark circles under your eyes away:
Instead spending money on covering dark circles under your eyes, use the following tips to naturally remove them forever.
Get enough sleep
Because lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of under eye circles, it’s essential to get enough rest every night. If it is difficult for you to sleep for a full 8 hours, try going to bed earlier, working out before heading to bed or making a nice and relaxing sleeping environment with music and darkening window treatments.
Dehydration is another cause of dark circles under eyes. Because of this you need to drink plenty of water every day. For men, it is recommendable to drink 13 cups of water every day, while women should drink 9 cups each day.
Cucumbers are excellent for soothing and refreshing the skin. Also, they include a great content of antioxidants, which are popular for brightening darkened skin. Use the benefits of the cucumber by cutting it into slices and putting them for a few minutes in the fridge. Then, place them on your eyes for ten minutes before washing your face.
Lemon Juice
The benefits of lemon juice for lightening skin have been used for centuries. It happens because of its high concentration of vitamin C. Soak a cotton pad with lemon juice and gently wipe it over the delicate skin around your eyes. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off. Do this once daily for several weeks and your dark circles around the eyes will disappear.
Tea Bags
The tannins in tea reduce swelling and discoloration around your eyes. Apply used tea bags for 10-15 minutes to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
What not to do in order to avoid dark circles under eyes:

  • Salt naturally will dehydrate your body. Thus, consider your salt intake.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes throughout the day. The skin under your eyes is thin, but the more you rub it the thicker it becomes. This will lead to dark circles.
  • Never go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are.

Here are more tips on how to reduce dark circles at home:

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