Entertainments is a broad category of human activity that either holds an viewer’s attention and interest or gives enjoyment and joy to an audience. In essence, it can be a job or an idea, but more often than not, is rather more of a project or event that has evolved over thousands of years especially for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s attention long enough to hear a mesmerizing performance or read a mesmerizing book. The term “entertainment” brings up images of Broadway shows, dancing, magic shows and comedy clubs, which have captivated audiences from around the world. It goes without saying that entertainment can include the visual arts as well, but these are usually associated with sports and popular shows. But entertainment is actually a broad term that includes any and all forms of creative endeavor that can stimulate an individual’s mind and emotions.

Entertainments today encompass all forms of art and performance including stage plays, dance, music, movies, videos, visual arts and so on. Even video games can fall under the heading of entertainment. With this vast array of types of activities under the heading of entertainment, the term “entertainment” has a very wide meaning, which can even include the performing arts and mass media entertainment industry. These are the industries and careers that drive the economy today and provide most of society with entertainment. Every day, movies, television shows, stage performances, concerts and so on all utilize this form of art and entertainment to delight and hold the interest of their viewers. Entire cities and countries are devoted to some form of live entertainment or the other.

The entertainment industry has been around since the ancient times and was initially created as a means of diversion for citizens during times of war. However, with time this industry has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry with travelling and shows being the most popular among audiences. The major sectors of this industry include television, film and theatre.

Film, theatre and music they are all important aspects of the modern day entertainment industry. Film companies make movies and television shows for people to watch and this sector of the entertainment business makes a huge profit for the corporations behind the making of the movies. The film industry is also one of the major drivers of the live entertainment industry as films are developed and made and then put into production. Many people go to live theatre in order to see some of the best live performances that they have ever witnessed and this is an extremely popular form of entertainment.

Music groups are also another significant facet of this industry. The creation of new music artists is an integral part of this industry and these acts play a huge part in the development of new ideas and genres. The development of visual arts and entertainment is also important to this massive mass media industry and this includes films, theatre and other forms of entertainment. The major sectors of this industry include advertising, entertainment, cinema, music and television.

Some of the most well known and renowned companies producing live entertainment are Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Live, Koolhaas productions, and the Ratatouille Live show. All of these companies produce shows which are hugely popular with people from all walks of life. Live shows by this successful and accomplished company are a huge hit with people young and old. People of all ages love to visit these live entertainment venues and spend their quality time in the company of other guests. The popularity and success of these shows has helped these companies make huge profits in a very short time period. All these factors have created a boom in this industry and has also led to a more global outlook in this field.

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