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Don’t Be Ashamed of Crying! 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Tears

How long has it been since you’ve had a good cry? We have all had one whether it’s the end of a close relationship, frustration at work, or even a movie. You are now probably wondering what could be the benefit of the warm and salty tears sliding down our cheeks, blurring our vision, and making our eyes puffy.
Although crying is seen as a sign of weakness, it is good for the body, mind and soul.
This is what happens when we cry:

1. Releasing toxins

People don’t cry only when they are sad, but also when they feel too much stress. While crying, the body gets rid of cortisol. It is a hormone related to stress and it can harm health if it becomes unbalanced. If this hormone’s levels grow high, it can cause many issues like sleep problems, weak immune system and abdominal weight gain.

2. You kill bacteria
Bacteria are washed away from our eyes while crying. Our tears contain lysozyme, a hormone that is found in human milk and saliva. Tears kill more than 90% of bacteria in its path.
3. Vision is improved
After a busy day at work, the membranes in our eyes become dehydrated, which can cause lower ability to focus. These membranes can be hydrated with crying and our eyes’ performance is revitalized.

4. You improve your mood
While crying, stress is released from our body through certain hormones. Clearly, this has a great positive effect on our mood.

5. Facing our emotions
Every single person has something to cry about. It is better to cry out loud and have no shame about it, than to hold back tears and increase stress.

6. You protect yourself from irritants
Tears are produced not only when we are sad. They represent natural response of the body to foreign material hitting the eye. When our eyes have contact with dust, sand or dirt, our body’s natural response is tearing up. It protects the eye membrane from infections.

7. Improving our overall health
Now you know all the positive health results of crying. But, you didn’t know that tears from emotional crying hold levels of albumin protein that is 24% higher than other types of crying. It helps with metabolic regulation. Also, crying helps fight with other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

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