Powerful Homemade Remedy for Bone and Joint Pain and Sore Muscles (RECIPE)

Menthol crystals have cooling and refreshing effects and they can give us temporary pain relief of sore muscle tissues.

Menthol crystals have the role of local anesthetic when used topically. While it penetrates the skin, it gives a numbing and fresh sensation. The menthol crystals originate from India and are removed from mint leaves using a freezing technique. Only a few menthol crystals can make a strong and potent formula. Do you have pain in the knees or you’ve caught a draft and now you hardly move?

If you are dealing with any kind of pain related with your muscles or bones, the following recipe will help you solve the problem.
First, you will need one plastic bottle and the following ingredients:
– 1 liter of homemade brandy
– 40 aspirin pills
– 20 grams of menthol crystals
You will get around a liter of liquid, but if you want smaller amount of the remedy, just halve the ingredients.

How to prepare it?

The preparation of the remedy is extremely easy and practical.
In the plastic bottle with homemade brandy add the crushed aspirin pills and menthol crystals. Let the ingredients dissolve. Then, you can apply the resulted liquid onto the painful areas. Rub the area well using cotton pads which should be soaked with the liquid.
The remedy has a cooling effect, and later it lightly warms the skin. Because it includes alcohol and menthol, wash your hands well after using the remedy.

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