Bodybuilder Died of Cancer Caused by Years of Steroid Abuse

Dean Wharmby was a popular body builder and a personal trainer at a gym who died due to his misuse of anabolic steroids. It affected his health and he died of liver cancer on July 19, 2015. This 39 years old man developed health problems in 2010, when multiple tumors were found in his liver.
He had been taking steroids for several years and later he developed liver cancer. These drugs were considered the direct cause of his death.
Dean’s partner Charlotte Rigby said that when she met him eight years ago, she suspected he had used steroids because of his muscular build. When they got together in 2010 he was trying to stop taking the drugs.
After Dean developed health problems, he stopped taking steroids and started spiritual healing methods such as reiki and natural medicine. Towards the end of his life, Dean was taking 200 natural remedy tablets on a daily basis.
This couple’s battle with cancer was chronicled on a Facebook page called “Dean’s journey”, which is followed by thousands of people.
Coroner Lisa Hashmi warned of the risk of taking steroids. She says the most probable cause of Dean’s liver tumors was the misuse of anabolic steroids. She adds that the death of this young man should send a very clear message to all people involved in the body building and fitness industries. The usage of anabolic steroids is not without inherent risk. Those people should reconsider their position and ask themselves if it is really worth it given the life-threatening risks.
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