After Watching This Video You Will Never Eat Instant Noodles Again

Are instant noodles often on your dinner table? Not only instant noodles, but all instant meals are becoming more and more popular lately because of the fast lifestyle and our busy schedule. Instant noodles are very cheap and you can find them in every local store and supermarket. Another positive side for busy people, college kids and people on a budget is that these noodles are extremely easy to prepare.
If you think they are healthy, read this article and you will change your mind. Also, you may not want to buy instant noodles again.
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Instant noodles are chemically preserved for a long life on the shelves, but nobody has ever seen what happens to the noodles once inside the stomach. Until now!
Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital did an experiment to find out what happens in the stomach and digestive tract after consuming instant noodles (ramen noodles). He did this experiment by using a camera with the size of a pill.
He says that the stomach is contracting back and forth, as it is trying to grind up the ramen noodle. For comparison, the study subjects also ate fresh, homemade ramen noodles on a different day.
The most striking thing about the experiment was that after 1 or 2 hours, it was noticed that the processed ramen noodles were less broken down than homemade ramen noodles.
The study cannot conclude processed is harmful. In fact, the study is too small to be conclusive about anything. But, millions are drawing their own conclusions.
Doctor Kuo does plan more research that may reveal whether the slower digestion affects the amount of nutrients the body absorbs.

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