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Lose 15lbs At Home: The 7 Days Eating Plan That Works

Most people think that to lose some weight they need to follow tough eating programs and do demanding exercise routines every day or else they won’t achieve the results they want. And this, despite not being a lousy way to lose weight, is not the only method you can pick.

There are several ways to lose weight fast, and here we are going to tell you one of the easiest to follow. It is a diet plan that in just one week will help you shed up to 15lbs of body weight. Take a peek and find out how!

4 Rules to Follow to Lose Up to 15lbs At Home:

  1. Breakfast is essential. Never skip it or else you may create more fat than you burn.
  2. Don’t drink any beverage with sugar. Caffeine, energy drinks and other types of processed beverages are counterproductive to losing weight.
  3. Don’t eat anything after 8 p.m. as it will be harder to burn.
  4. Step on a scale and weigh yourself before starting the diet. This will help you know how much you have lost once the one-week plan has finished.

One-Week Eating Plan: 3 Weight Loss Benefits

  1. Healthy weight-loss that doesn’t produce side effects or lowers your energy.
  2. You will end up eating more fruits and vegetables than before and drinking more water as well.
  3. Both your metabolism and bowel processes will be a lot smoother and healthy.

One-Week Eating Plan to Lose Weigh

First Day: Fruits Day

The first day will consist of eating any fruit you can, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can eat as many fruits as you want, especially fruits such as pineapples, apples, papayas, peaches, and so on. Drink more water if you need to feel fuller.

Second Day: Vegetables Day

Similarly to the first day, this one you will only eat vegetables. Breakfast, lunch,and dinner will consist of veggie-rich meals. Try to pick meals rich in fiber and carbs. You may eat the veggies in soups, salads steams or whatever you prefer. Avoid using too much salt or sugar. Drink lots of water as well.

Third Day: Fruits & Veggies Day

Combine both veggies and fruits on the third day. Pick the right foods, making an exception for bananas and potatoes, which have too many carbs that could damage the fat-burning process of the diet. Drink at least ten glasses of water.

Fourth Day: Milk and Bananas

Seems counter-intuitive as bananas contain a lot of carbs and milk may contain lots of fat. But yes; only eating milk and bananas will help you obtain protein and potassium, which are both excellent for losing weight. Don’t eat more than ten bananas or three glasses of milk. Drink at least eight glasses of water.

Fifth Day: Protein Day

This day will consist of eating fish, meat or chicken only. You may eat one per meal, for example, chicken in breakfast, red meat at lunch, and fish at dinner. However, it is crucial to drink at least twelve glasses of water to maintain a fast metabolism with the protein-rich meals.

Sixth Day: Meat and Vegetables

Eat only vegetables in breakfast then eat at least 200g of red meat at lunch with as many vegetables as you want, and finally eat only vegetables again at dinner. Drink plenty of water on each meal and in-between.

Seventh Day: Vegetables and Rice

With brown rice preferably, prepare some steamed veggies or a salad and eat them at lunch. In breakfast and dinner, choose vegetables or fruit juices. You may also add one potato to yourbreakfast or dinner. Drink water to get fuller.

Want to Lose Weight Fast?

This method will help you lose up to 15lbs in just a week, without having to expose yourself to demanding physical activities or strict diets that you can’t follow. It is only about eating the right foods and the right moment.

Remember to drink plenty of water each day and to avoid eating after 8 P.M., this way you will make sure you burn fat and absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat.

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