Organisation, organisation, organisation……….

So in the beginning I was totally overwhelmed with everything you need to learn. For me, I realized very early on that I needed to get ‘diabetes organized’. I’ve changed a few things along the way, but some of the things I learned to do early on have been invaluable to me and keeping my mind focused.

This first thing I did was make up a file with all the paperwork that I was given from the hospital. There was so much stuff handed to us to read up on, it was crazy. Soon as I got home, I put all of this into a file so if I needed to refer to anything, I knew where it all was. To be honest, I rarely look at this now as we’ve come along way, but we still have the file.

The next thing were the supplies and the snacks. You need space in your house for this stuff and this is the most important thing for me to be organized. My son now has an insulin pump & a CGM so our supplies now have taken over a whole cupboard ! To make my life easier I went to Target and bought several storage containers. I bought a smallish one for the ‘hypoglycemia supplies’ only.  That box stays in one place always and contains emergency glucose gel, juice boxes, skittles, Glucagon pen and instructions on how to use Glucagon pen in case of an emergency.

Hypo box

Then I had a box with snacks that contained 15g of carbs. In the early days of management, Matthew was told to eat a 15g snack whilst at school. He usually had that after PE. Then a 15g snack at bedtime. We’ve kind of done away with that box now as we manage his diabetes on a much tighter scale and with the help of the cgm discovered he did not need a 15g snack. I’ll go more into that later, but if you need those snacks, have a place to keep them organised.

Then I had another big box with a small amount of the supplies he needed on a daily basis. The rest was put in a cupboard (we get 3 months worth of supplies so it’s too much to store in my handy box). In the beginning it contained:


Alcohol wipes




Now it contains


Alcohol wipes



All pump supplies

Hypafix tape



Lithium AA & AAA batteries

Frio pack



Easy access supplies box

I think I need a bigger box now ! Having a small quantity of the supplies we need to hand frequently, just makes it a little easier for me to grab what we need quickly. I’ve lost count how many times as Matthew needs to leave to get the school bus, and he announces he needs tape around cgm as it’s coming loose…arghhh. At least I know where it is, and I can deal with issue on hand right away without having to search for whatever is needed at that moment.


Ok so this is a biggie. You need good kitchen scales. Measuring cups. Jug for measuring fluids.  Accurate carbohydrate counting at home means that I can see trends forming where I might need to change carb to insulin ratios. So whilst at home, I really am careful about how many carbs are eaten.


A simple note book. To write down what is going to be eaten and how many carbs. This helps me so much every single day. I’m lucky that Matthew is older, so we have a chat before he eats to establish how hungry he is to work out portion sizes. That is probably more difficult with a toddler, so I’m sure others can offer better advice on that. Thankfully I have a non fussy eater child, so we can accurately work on carbs in advance and bolus before he eats.


This was my calculation for mini sausage rolls I made for his birthday party ! Type 1 Diabetes is good for mathematical brain exercises !!

The other thing I did was in my pantry cupboard, things like flour, rice, sugar which I tend to store in Tupperware containers, I cut out the nutrition info from packaging and tape that to Tupperware containers. Saves me looking up carb amounts every time I bake.

Then we have the very important ’emergency kit’ that goes with us everywhere (not school as he has separate school supplies). This has a bit of everything needed to cover for emergency lows (Glucagon), candy, glucose tabs, juice for lows. Spare pump supplies for any issues that may occur (this has happened to us before, be prepared !).

Emergency kit

Finally we have the supplies cupboard which is gradually taking over all my storage space ! Helps to keep organized as I can see when supplies running low and gives me time to make sure new supplies are on their way.

Supplies cupboard

A quick view of all the ‘stuff’ ! (actually this is old pic and doesn’t include the CGM stuff !)



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