Month: May 2015

From Band With Love……

I know, I am the worst blogger ever.  I usually leave it so far between posts that I forget how to log on and it takes me longer to work out how to blog :).

Tonight my son plays for the final time with his middle school symphonic band. In August he’ll be moving onto high school and marching band season. Which will bring new challenges for us to overcome and master. But first I want to talk about his middle school band and how much we will both miss it.

May 19th, 2015

It’s going to be an emotional night tonight. Matthew’s symphonic band play their last concert together. Although many of them will still be together in High School, this years band has been very special.

There is very little positive I can say about Matthew having Type 1 Diabetes. It struck him in November just after he started in 6th grade. I remember him coming home crying after one after school band rehearsal because they served hot chocolate and marshmallows to the kids, and he couldn’t have it. It was just 2 weeks after his diagnosis, he was on shots and didn’t know what to do. Obviously now he knows what to do and it’s easier as he is on the pump. He told me a couple of weeks ago how 2 of his band friends also didn’t have the hot chocolate because Matthew couldn’t. Makes me cry just thinking about how sweet these kids can be so supportive.

Other than the T1D community which is totally awesome, I want to say the only other truly amazing positive has been that I got to spend the last 2 1/2 years volunteering at every band event. Initially I was peed off and I wish I could give him some ‘freedom’ here to not have me hanging around.

My moment of accepting this is an amazingly positive experience happened only in February of this year. The 8th graders were getting the opportunity to go over to the high school and be taught by the high school band students, 2 pieces of music. The different instrument groups broke up into their sections and were lead of stairwells and other areas in the school to learn their new pieces of music.  I was the only parent that had to go along. I was feeling very sorry for myself as I had to sit on the hard floor in one of the corridors whilst Matthew and the other trumpet players got their instruction.

When they finished, we all moved back to the band hall.  My ding ding moment came, when for the first time I watched the band director bring this music together. It was truly a magically moment for me and I really appreciated just what an honour it was that I got to witness how they make music.

This band has been so special. I have watched them grow and they have become so absolutely phenomenal. It truly has been an absolute privilege to see the transformation from a beginner band into a band so awesome you would not know that it was 13 & 14 year old kids playing.

I also saw how the band director has totally enjoyed these kids performances. The last few performances of their UIL music, you could see him smiling the whole time.  It was such a pleasure to see how dedicated teachers can be.

I know I am going to be wiping the tears away tonight.