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9 Clear Signs Showing You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is maybe the most sought-after food in the world, not only because you can find it practically anywhere in many products, but because it tastes fantastic without a doubt. However, that sweetened flavor is not positive entirely, and it could lead to harsh health conditions eventually.

Here we are going to tell you how you can know when you’re taking too much sugar and you should slow down on it. Take a peek to learn about the nine clear signs you should stop eating sugar.

1.     Cravings for Sweet Foods – Sign That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

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When you are an addict, you will crave whatever made you a habit in the first place. When you take too much sugar, you will immediately feel to want more when you are not eating it.

Craving for sweet things, especially after having eaten a huge meal, is a clear sign that you are eating too many sugars for your good.

2.     Constantly Tired and Without Energy

If you feel continually out of energy and tired even when you just got out of bed after more than 8 hours of sleep, very likely you are overeating sugar.

The more sugar you have in your body, the more glucose you produce. This nutrient tends to inhibit your energy sources and make you sleepy, tired, and out of energy a lot more frequently than otherwise.

3.     Huge Weight Gains

Feeling like you’re gaining too much weight too fast? Get off carbs and sugar now! It means there’s something wrong with your body, and probably it means your insulin levels are rocketing and producing insulin resistance which causes faster fat storage in your body.

Another reason could be that you are eating too many sweet foods. These foods contain too much sugar and carbs which are eventually transformed into fat, so you get fatter and fatter and thus gain weight a lot faster.

4.     Repeated Colds & Flu

Having colds or flue once every three months up to one year or more is normal for a healthy person with an excellent immunological system. If you, however, experience colds or flu more frequently than that, it could also be that you are eating vast amounts of sugar.

Sugar makes the body utilize more energy into absorbing and processing fats. Eventually, the immunological system gets affected and thus gets more fragile towards common diseases such as colds and flu.

5.     Sugar Does Not Feel Sweet

Similarly as it happens with drugs, eating a lot of sugar eventually makes your body create resilience towards it. Overtime, sugar will stop feeling sweet,and you will crave for more and more sugar and sweeter and sweeter foods so you can eventually handle the pleasure of eating it. Sometimes it can get so bad that even eating straight-up sugar without anything else can become a routine, and still it won’t taste as sweet as expected.

6.     Foggy Mind

Glucose is one of the primary fuels of our brains, and when we have high sugar levels in our blood, glucose gets immediately lower. When glucose is too low, our minds can get slower, foggy, and sometimes promote several cognitive issues such as bad memory and even neurological eyesight and hearing loss.

7.     Feet Issues

Sugar is commonly known for producing inflammation in feet. Especially in diseases such as diabetes which are linked to high blood-sugar levels, swelling is a typical symptom, which could lead to further problems such as arthritis, gout and even plantar fasciitis. These conditions can be extremely painful and could affect your life profoundly.

8.     Skin Conditions

Also linked to the inflammation produced by high blood-sugar levels, skin is very fragile and even more so when blood sugar levels go off the roof. People with diabetes, for example, tend to suffer from conditions such as dermatitis, dryness, rosacea, dryness,and others. The more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to experience these conditions.

9.     Dark Bags Under Eye Circles

Too much sugar in your body may promote the apparition of dark marks below your eyes. That dark bag can be the consequence of adrenaline weariness that is a clear sign that you have way too much sugar in your body.

Avoid High Sugar Levels Now!

As soon as you experience one of these symptoms, go immediately and get a blood test made to make sure you don’t have high blood-sugar levels.

Remember, these signs could lead to worse consequences over time, including metabolic problems such as diabetes and obesity. Avoid them now and lower down your sugar consumption!

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